Cumbria Crack

Heavy rain warning issued for Cumbria

[T]he Met Office have issued Heavy Rainfall Alerts for all parts of Cumbria beginning from early this evening through to around midday on Saturday 14th October.

Persistent and sometimes heavy rain is expected across Cumbria where rainfall amounts could reach 10mm in 1 hour and 40mm in 12 hours.

As catchments are already saturated from the rainfall we received over the last 24 hours, River and Lake levels are expected to rise and we may see a result of localised flooding of low lying land and roads.  There is also potential for surface water or drainage flooding during this time.

Flooding of homes and business is possible.

A spokesman for the Met Office said: “A band of rain is expected across Northern England through Friday.

“Rain is expected to be heavy and persistent at times, especially across Cumbria.

“Through the course of the day rainfall totals of 30-50 mm are expected quite widely with as much as 70-80 mm over exposed hills.

“Whilst these totals are not unusual for the time of year after recent heavy rain these totals may lead to some impacts.”

A spokesman for the Environment Agency said: “We are planning to issue Flood Alerts later today for most catchments in anticipation for this rainfall.  Environment Agency staff are continuing to monitor river and lake levels and we also have staff out on the ground checking assets, removing any blockages from watercourses and clearing debris screens prior to the rainfall.”

For further information on flood alerts and flood warnings issued in your area, please visit or contact Floodline on 0345 988 1188 or 0345 602 6340 (for the hard of hearing).

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