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County Council responds to flooding incidents in Cumbria

The road between Baggrow and Blennerhassett (Alex Barton)

[C]umbria County Council’s Fire and Rescue Service and Highways teams have been working tirelessly to protect lives and keep the county’s roads open during this week’s torrential downpours.

Some parts of Cumbria saw approximately 200mm of rain fall on Wednesday, and up to 70mm of rain is forecast in the county today (Friday).

The county council’s highways teams have been battling to keep open as much of the county’s road network as possible in the face of numerous incidents of flooding.

In West Cumbria:

Highways teams have been checking the network day and night, clearing gullies blocked with leaves and releasing standing water where possible. This work is continuing today (Friday)

Staff dealt with flooding on the A5086 around Lamplugh, High House Road in St Bees, and in the Ireby and Plumbland areas.

Highways staff have inspected a number of bridges and several bridges were closed as a precaution due to significant volumes of water. Latest list of closures here:

Staff have been using JCBs to remove debris on roads and clear any drainage ditches.

Highways staff will be working tonight (Friday), checking the road network and responding to any emergency incidents.

In South Cumbria:

The county council’s Highways teams tackled flooding at a number of locations on the road network following heavy rainfall.

Staff released flood water on the A591 at Bannerigg, ensuring the main route could remain open. They also released some of the floodwater across the A6 at Heversham, which was used as a diversion route on Wednesday following closure of the A590 Brettargh Holt junction by Highways England.

The A65 at Lupton and the A684 just outside Kendal were closed for a time because highways crews were unable to release floodwater due to the high volume of rainfall which fell over a short period of time.

Highways crews have worked overnight on the main road network, clearing debris from gullies in preparation for further rain, and this work is continuing today (Friday)

For the latest information on roads and bridges affected by severe weather, visit the council’s website at

Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service have responded to a series of flood-related call-outs including:

A woman and child trapped in a car with water up to the door in Harriston Road, Aspatria. Firefighters attended and rescued both.

Up to 1ft of water in properties at Lamplugh, with several houses affected and the water pumped out by firefighters.

A man in a van trapped in fast-flowing water at Arkleby where firefighters used swift water rescue equipment to rescue him.

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