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Molly Takes Knowledge Transfer Role

KTP Local Management Committee L-R: Andy Jackson, Paul Elmer, Mark Porter, Andrew Kenney, Ruth Slater, Molly Blackburn

[A]fter a very detailed recruitment process, a graduate of The University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) has been taken on as a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) associate with H&H Reed Printers (HHRP) to identify innovative solutions to support its continued future growth.  Molly Blackburn, who has a first-class BA Honours Degree in Marketing Management, joins the company as a digital development officer with a specific emphasis on improving the company’s online presence into new and emerging markets.

This is a challenging role, and for Molly, as a KTP, it will be achieved through partnerships; working with colleagues at HHRP and with students and experts in their field at UCLAN and Innovate UK. Andrew Kenney Knowledge Transfer Advisor gives some further background:

“Knowledge Transfer Partnerships have been helping businesses collaborate with academia for over 40 years. I am delighted that this programme between H&H Reeds and UCLan is now established. With access to up to date knowledge and expertise at the university, we hope to see the business expand its capacity for innovation and transform itself for a prosperous future.”

KTP often delivers significant increased profitability for business partners as a direct result through improved quality and operations, increased sales and access to new markets. However, for Andy Jackson, Managing Director of H&H Reed Printers, which has offices in both Penrith and Milnthorpe, it is more than this:

“A KTP is designed for those individuals who are inquisitive, bright and serious about getting ahead, and Molly certainly meets all of the criteria.  She brings with her exceptional experience that she has gained at university and through work experience.

“KTP is the sharing of your business and knowledge.  Like any business, H&H Reed Printers needs to continue to grow and adapt to new market trends.  For us as a company, it is about looking to the future, ensuring the business is robust and that we are adapting to the needs of our customers.  We are always continually improving the service and experience we provide.  Print can be a complex industry, so Molly who has a fresh set of eyes which are unbiased by the industry, will look at how we make this project as effective and efficient as possible.”

Former head girl of Millom School, and a member of Lancashire Business School’s prestigious Launch Pad Programme, 23-year-old Molly, from Haverigg, already has a very sound understanding of business practices and the business environment.  Molly will personally manage the 24-month project which will include analysing the industry, looking at web to print solutions, lean manufacturing and user experience.

Any technology and information gathered will be shared across all of the KTP partners.  Molly takes ownership of the KTP plan and is responsible for setting its milestones.  As part of her role, Molly will work closely with students at UCLan to research and create innovative industry solutions.  This requires her to challenge the students at UCLan so they may achieve their potential and gain valuable experience.

Commenting, Molly said: “I am absolutely delighted to have been offered the KTP role at HHRP and I intend to get under the skin of the business to help take it to the next stage of its development.  The structure of the project is fantastic, with regular meetings, timescales, and criteria set for success.  I know that I will learn a huge amount from everyone involved within the project.  I believe the changes the project will introduce will be invaluable to the company’s future growth.”

Through the entire programme she will be supported by her business mentors.  She will work with and utilise the resources of various departments within UCLan to provide the best possible business solutions and offerings, which can then be used as a best practice model for future projects.

This is a truly inspirational project which is about engaging and motivating people, and as part of this project Andy Jackson himself will meet and support the students at UCLan.

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