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Cumbria Scout Leaders selected for international adventure to West Virginia

L-R: David Hodgkiss, Gareth Hodgson and Robin Ford

[C]ub Scout Leaders David Hodgkiss of Carlisle and Gareth Hodgson from Kendal, along with Explorer Scout Leader Robin Ford from Workington, have been selected from Scouting’s 150,000 adult volunteers to represent the UK at the 24th World Scout Jamboree in West Virginia, USA in 2019. David, Gareth, and Robin will be taking responsibility along with another volunteer from the Isle of Man to lead a unit of 36 Scouts from Cumbria and Man to the Jamboree.

David, Gareth and Robin are three of the volunteer leadership team who make the Jamboree a reality for the 36 young people aged 14 to 18 from Cumbria and the Isle of Man. They are just some of 400 successful adult candidates chosen for the trip like no other after impressing at a special selection event in Cumbria. The leaders had to complete a variety of team activities and creativity tests to demonstrate why they should be part of a team to lead 36 young people from Cumbria and the Isle of Man to attend Jamboree.

Attending the Jamboree is an opportunity like no other for David, Robin and Gareth, and the other UK adult volunteers selected. Not only will they get to meet 45,000 people from nearly every country in the world – and share their knowledge and experiences whilst working towards greater international understanding – the Jamboree offers them the chance to learn new skills that they can use in other aspects of their life.

Between now and the summer of 2019 the leaders will support 36 young people from Cumbria and the Isle of Man, learning how to live and work together for this amazing adventure. Activities will include:

  • Helping each young person raising the participation fee,
  • Building a sense of team work and togetherness,
  • Prepare the participants for a period of three weeks away from home,
  • Helping participants understand and value different cultural norms and practices,
  • Preparing the young people to be part of a global village with residents from every county in the world,
  • Providing opportunities for the young people to get to know each other, to develop the skills needed and prepare them for the life changing experience,

Tom Higgs, Assistant County Commissioner (International) from Cumbria Scouts said: “Congratulations to Gareth, Robin and David for making the leader team. I would like to remind all Scouts and Explorer Scouts who are eligible to go to the Jamboree to get their applications in. The closing date for applications is 23rd October 2017, so if you want to put your name forward for selection, or would like more details, please email [email protected] as soon as possible!”.

Eddie Ward, County Commissioner for Cumbria Scouts said: “This is a great opportunity for David and the other leader team members to help our young people to enjoy these amazing opportunities that only Scouting can provide”.

Chief Scout, Bear Grylls said: “Congratulations to all the UK volunteers who have been selected to lead Scouts from Cumbria to the world Scout Jamboree in West Virginia, USA. While lots of people know that Scouting helps young people learn the skills they need for life they often don’t realize that adult volunteers learn just as much as our young members. The Jamboree is a great example of this. Over the course of the Jamboree our volunteers will be able to meet people from around the world, take part in amazing adventures and experiences, learn new skills and be challenged to think about global issues in a new light. I wish them all the best and I know they are going to have an amazing time next over the next few years.”

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