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Carlisle MP takes County Council to task for overdue decision

John Stevenson MP

[T]he residents of Warwick Road, Carlisle have now been waiting a month to hear whether or not a third lane will be built outside their houses.

Cumbria County Council, who are behind the plans to expand the road were originally meant to be releasing their decision on the 18th September. This date came six days after Carlisle City Council unanimously backed a motion not to support the County Council in their attempts to go through with the development. However, the County Council reneged on this date and informed residents they would instead be made aware of the final decision later in September.

It is now a month after the original date, and Warwick Road residents have still not been informed whether or not the development will go ahead.

Speaking on this issue, John said: “To keep Warwick Road residents waiting for a decision as to whether or not the County Council’s plans will go ahead is unfair. Cumbria County Council have not been straight with my constituents and I want to know why they refuse to make a final decision. There is a petition with over 6,000 signatures demonstrating the strength of feeling against this proposal, which I have presented to Parliament. The County Council have failed to convince the people of Carlisle that this £1 million scheme would justify the use of taxpayers’ money. Neither has the impact on local residents’ quality of life been justified. I am urging the Council, hopefully for the final time, to listen to the people they represent and drop the plans to expand Warwick Road.”

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