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Kendal firm ordered to pay more than £35,840 for illegal waste operations

[A] Kendal based skip hire company and its Director have been ordered to pay a total of £35844.38 for depositing waste on land without an environmental permit.

Following a prosecution brought by the Environment Agency, Richard Knipe, John Keegan and operating company B&J Metals were in court after pleading guilty for illegally depositing and storing waste on Todd’s Farm, Kendal.

B&J Metals Skip Hire Ltd was fined £10,000, ordered to pay £20,412.38 towards the Environment Agency’s cost and charged a £1000 victim surcharge.

Mr Keegan, the director of B&J Metals, was fined £2800, ordered to pay £1000 towards Environment Agency cost and charged a £280 victim surcharge.

Operator Mr Knipe was fined £320 and ordered to pay £1000 towards the Environment Agency’s cost and a victim surcharge of £32.

Officers were first alerted to the site by a member of the public. Waste was brought onto the farm by B&J Metals which operates a waste transfer station. Whilst inspecting the site, Officers saw a large quantity of waste that appeared to be heavily contaminated with plastics and other material.  The waste was intended to be used for the construction of tracks on the farm but the contamination meant that it was unsuitable for this purpose and would require a permit to deposit.  The Environment Agency investigation revealed that B&J Metals had decided to treat the waste at the site in order to allow more waste to be deposited at the permitted site on Shap Road in Kendal.

Where permits are granted by the Environment Agency, clear permit conditions are set out to ensure that business operators take the appropriate steps to ensure waste is managed safely to reduce the risk to the environment. Most businesses manage their waste responsibly and within the regulations, but where waste is managed without a permit, or in breach of permit conditions the Environment Agency may take enforcement action.

Graham Barker, Environment Officer from the Environment Agency, said: “Waste crime is a serious offence which can damage the environment, blight local communities and undermine those who operate legally. B&J Metals and Mr Keegan are involved in the waste industry and are aware that they would need to hold a permit to treat waste.”

“This case shows that the Environment Agency will not hesitate to take tough action against criminals who have no regard for people and the environment.”

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