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Multi-pronged approach to antisocial behaviour in Wigton


[O]fficers in West Cumbria are both working with young people and pursuing criminal action against offenders as they continue to prioritise antisocial behaviour in Wigton.

In recent weeks, police officers have been gathering evidence against the worst offenders for antisocial behaviour in the town and are pursuing potential Criminal Behaviour Orders (CBOs).

A CBO is a court order which binds a person to follow strict rules or else face stern penalties. Rules could include being barred from certain areas of a town or entering named businesses.

Officers have also been visiting the homes of antisocial behaviour ring-leaders they have identified to ensure parents are aware of the behaviour and the potential repercussions if the behaviour does not cease. Officers are working with housing providers to ensure parents are fully aware of their responsibilities with regards their tenancy agreements.

Allerdale Inspector Rachel Gale said: “We have officers in Wigton who have worked hard to identify the minority of young people in the area who are causing antisocial issues.

“Where those people have been identified, officers are pursuing action.

“We have listened to the community and have put more resources into Wigton and have increased patrols in areas of the town which have seen the most issues.

“I would continue to encourage people in Wigton to report such issues. The reports we receive are vital in helping us build up an accurate picture of what is happening.

“However, we are also working with young people, listening to their concerns and helping to educate on a range of issues.”

Police in West Cumbria are working in partnership with Wigton Youth Station – a group which runs activities and projects for teenagers in the town.

Earlier this month (Friday, 6 Oct), officers gave a talk to a group of 17 young men and women on driver awareness, covering topics such as driving and the law in the first two years after passing your test, contributing factors to traffic collisions such as distracted driving and the cost of insurance and black boxes in cars.

Following the success of the event, plans are in place to replicate it across the county, whilst continuing to work with Wigton Youth Station on further partnerships.

PCSO Kerry Harris conducted the talk. She said: “The teenagers we saw at Friday’s session were positive, engaged and genuinely interested in what we had to say.

“Whilst we’re keen to make people aware of the enforcement actions we are seeking to take against those responsible for antisocial behaviour, it’s also important that we build up a relationship and a dialogue with young people so we can understand issues and concerns they are having and help to ensure they are part of the community.”

Police and Crime Commissioner, Peter McCall said: “Antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated anywhere and Wigton is no exception. There has been a spike of antisocial behaviour in Wigton over recent weeks and this is unacceptable. The message is clear – to the offenders ‘antisocial behaviour will not be tolerated, you will be caught and you will be dealt with firmly’ – to the victims and witnesses ‘please report any antisocial behaviour it is only by your reports that the Police can deal with the antisocial behaviour and gain a full understanding of what is happening and the impact on the community’.

“I am pleased that all the relevant agencies especially housing and local councils are working together.  Antisocial behaviour is not just a police issue and it is everyone’s responsibility to help towards keeping our communities safe.”

People can report antisocial behaviour issues to police in a variety of ways.

Report online at

Or email: [email protected]

Or call: 101

Always call 999 in an emergency, when a crime is in progress and/or life or property is at risk..

The Police and Crime Commissioner has funded a number of projects in the Wigton and West Cumbria areas to date aimed at improving services and facilities for young people.

Since August 2016, the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner has provided £23,250 to projects in Wigton with the potential to help reduce antisocial behavior. Across West Cumbria a total of £104,843 of funding has been provided to community projects through the PCC’s open grant schemes.

The funding includes:

Cumbria Youth Alliance

Received £9,750 through the PCC’s Community Fund to develop and deliver with partners the ‘Friday Night Project’ in Mirehouse, Wigton, Silloth, Moorclose, Mossbay and Salterbeck.

Wigton Boxing Club

Received £10,000 to provide boxing activities to young people and adults.

Wigton Youth Station

Received an additional £1,000 through the Property Fund to assist with additional outdoor activities for young people.

1st Wigton Badell Powell Scouts

Received £2,500 through the Property Fund to provide a Scouts club for young people.

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