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North Cumbria Trust awarded £15,000 for improving patient care through research

[A]fter achieving a number of national targets, the Research & Development team at North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust (NCUH) has received a £15,000 financial reward.

The team consists of skilled research staff, including nurses and practitioners, assisting clinical teams with the set-up and conduct of studies with a view to improve patient care.

The team was tasked with recruiting patients to volunteer in research schemes and setting up studies for research projects. This included a study to aid in the diagnosis of bladder cancer. The target was 90% of data completion between April and September 2017, and the team achieved a 100% outcome, which has resulted in the £15,000 award.

The funding has been awarded by the NHS National Institute for Health Research (NIHR). The NIHR supports health research by NHS organisations and works with charities and the life sciences industry to help patients gain earlier access to breakthrough treatments.

John Elliot, consultant surgeon and Chair of the Trust’s research and development committee, said: “The team have worked exceptionally hard this year to achieve all their targets, and the work we have done so far looks very promising. A lot of the research work is done in addition to people’s day jobs in the Trust, and their time and dedication is incredibly valuable.”

Stephen Eames, chief executive, said: “The work our research and development team undertake is of great importance, and helps us find new treatments and contribute better to patient care and outcomes. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank both the staff, and also the patients who take part in any of our research projects. Their contribution is absolutely invaluable.”

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