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Car taken off the road during Carlisle roads operation

[A] traffic operation in Carlisle today has seen a number of Traffic Report Offences (TORs) and a vehicle taken off the road for no insurance.

The operation was run in Warwick Road this morning (27 Oct) with officers on the look-out for offences including mobile phone driving, drink driving and driving without a seatbelt, as well as vehicles being driven with defects.

In total, four drivers received an endorsable TOR for use of a mobile phone whilst driving whilst five people received a non-endorsable TOR for not wearing seatbelts.

A total of 13 vehicles were stopped for suspected defects and one car was uplifted and removed from the road due to no insurance.

A further 15 people were stopped and given advice regarding a range of motoring and road safety issues.

A number of drivers were also breath-tested but there were no failures.

Police Constable Peter Keenen said: “The operation shows that, for some drivers, messages on the dangers of distracted driving and not wearing a seat belt are still not getting through.

“There is no excuse for using a mobile phone whilst driving. It’s simply not worth it and our advice to people is that they should put their phone in the glove box when they get behind the wheel so the temptation is removed.

“The operation also highlights the importance of regularly carrying out simple checks on your vehicle such as tyre wear and light defects. It is far better to catch these problems yourself before we do.”

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