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Local Legend Dicky Dippinson is a hit with Lake District Hotels

Dicky Dippinson

[L]ocal legend Dicky Dippinson, aka ‘Dicky from Shap’ has become somewhat of a local legend, building up a strong reputation across the county. The singing farmer became an internet hit, with his You Tube video ‘Fresh Prince ot’ Shap’, and since taking to stand-up, Dicky now performs across Cumbria.

One particular hotel group in the Lake District appears to have taken quite a liking to Dicky, hiring him to perform at two of their hotels earlier this year and have another two events planned in for the Winter months. Lake District Hotels Ltd, host various comedy nights across their seven hotels, with Dicky returning to the George Hotel in Penrith on the 18th November and a special Christmas performance at the Skiddaw Hotel in Keswick on the 1st December.

Dicky commented, “Last time a waz at yon George h’tell it waz reet grand crack, an it waz a posh laal spot n’all. All’t folks theeyer seemed ter like wat a waz yakk’n on aboot, an nee body left wid tinnitus neether ,  so that’s allus a bit bonus!”

These popular comedy nights are hosted by local comedian and writer John Lebbon, who has played host to shows across the region, catching the eye of Phoenix Nights star Dave Spikey, who worked with him on a comedy pilot. The comedy show on Saturday 18th November starts at 7pm, along with Dicky Dippinson, you can expect to see Steve Royle, as seen on phoenix nights. Tickets include a meal in the elegant Georgian Ballroom. Bookings must be made in advance by calling the hotel on 01768 862696.

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