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Your chance to strike Moorcroft gold with Kerry

Kerry Goodwin working on a Moorcroft design in her studio and Moorcroft’s new Midnight vase, which is being launched at the Treeby & Bolton gallery in Keswick on Saturday

[M]oorcroft designer Kerry Goodwin makes a rare public appearance in Cumbria this weekend at the launch of a new numbered edition vase she has created for the world-famous and hugely-collectable Staffordshire art pottery manufacturer.

Kerry, 49, is among an elite band of highly-skilled designers employed by Moorcroft at its headquarters in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, whose job it is to dream up unique eye-catching patterns and colours to adorn each eagerly-awaited new release.

They’re the rock and roll stars of the refined world of Moorcroft – and Kerry, complete with dreadlocks, will have her special golden marker pen with her at the Treeby & Bolton gallery in Keswick on Saturday (NOV 4) afternoon to sign her name on the bases of any Moorcroft piece purchased.

Attention will be focused primarily on the beautiful new six-inch floral vase, called Midnight, featuring rich purple flower heads of hellebores growing from a deep green base which she has designed.

“It is a pretty flower, which I like, and I have lightened it up a bit and am really pleased with how the vase looks,” said Kerry, who has been responsible for some of Moorcroft’s most popular designs over the last two decades.

“I only sign pieces at special events like this one at Keswick this weekend. I’ll use a gold pen and anyone who buys a piece on the day will get it signed, if they want. It makes me feel very special when people like my work enough to buy it and for me to sign it,” she said.

Kerry laughed off the rock and roll tag, adding: “I see myself like that – but I don’t know if Moorcroft do! I create the design, do the initial freehand drawing on the pot and do a water colour on paper but I couldn’t do my job without the rest of the team. I can’t paint the pieces or tube-line them.”

She will be at Treeby & Bolton in Lake Road from 12 noon to 3pm on Saturday when refreshments will be served. Visitors will  also have the chance to view Moorcroft’s newly released autumn 2017 collection in its entirety and will receive 10 per off any Moorcroft item bought on the day.
Libbie Graham is manager of the gallery, which also has a cafe. “It is a thrill for us to welcome Kerry and I know that the many Moorcroft collectors who visit us will be out in force to take advantage of this rare opportunity to speak top one of their top designers,” said Libbie.

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