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Carlisle residents warned to protect their property ahead of bonfire night

[P]olice are urging people in Carlisle to take basic precautions to protect their property ahead of bonfire events this weekend.

Previously there has been a number of burglary and theft incidents that occur at this time of year.

With thousands expected to attend the Carlisle Fireshow and other bonfire events police would like to remind residents of the importance of securing their property.

Detective Inspector Dave Cooper, North Cumbria CID, said: “Being burgled is an incredibly upsetting experience. Knowing someone has been into your house, going through your possessions, can be distressing.

“I hope that people enjoy this weekend’s fireshow or any other bonfire events they will be attending. Unfortunately we have seen in previous years that criminals take this opportunity to steal from others. With loud noises expected from fireworks offenders can look to use this to mask the noise they create when breaking into a property.

“They also look for the easiest targets such as unlocked door or window. Taking simple precautions such as locking doors and windows and keeping keys, wallets and other valuables out of sight can dramatically reduce the chance of being burgled.”

Anyone who has any suspicion that someone may be in the process of burgling their home or a neighbour’s home, should contact police immediately.

What can you do? Some simple, basic advice is:

  • Lock doors and windows before you go out and ensure that your house/keys are secure before you go to bed.
  • Remove keys from locks and keep out of reach, not on a hall table, take them to bed with you.
  • Ensure side gates and sheds are locked with a good quality padbolt for example.
  • Keep cash and valuables locked away safe or well hidden.
  • Consider increasing your security with good quality locks, chains and lighting.

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