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Comedian couldn’t remember who was driving ‘speeding’ car

Gary Skyner leaving court

A well-known Liverpool comedian has appeared in court in Carlisle this afternoon.

Gary Brian Skyner, 58, is accused that he failed to give information relating to the identification of the driver of a Renault car, who was alleged to have been guilty of a motoring offence on December 30, 2016 on the A590 road near to Ulverston in Cumbria.

District Judge Gerald Chalk sitting in Carlisle Magistrates Court heard how the alleged speeding offence took place on the evening of November 25 of last year.

Skyner failed to identify the driver of the Renault car alleged to have been doing 75mph in a 60-zone.

John Moran prosecuting asked Sykner why he could not remember who was driving at the time of the alleged offence, the defendant explained he drives over 60,000 miles per year, on that day he had his ‘carer’ with him and they left Newcastle to travel over to Millom in Cumbria to see a friend and were staying the night in the Lake District and travelling over to Morecambe the next day for a boxing event and gig.

Neither he nor his carer can remember the driver at the time in question, Skyner told the judge he could not give a “definitive” answer as to the driver was. And to this day they still do not know who was driving on that section of road.

On passing sentence the judge said, you would have received notification of the alleged [speeding] offence a few days after the alleged offence, surely you should have been able to recall the driver, you have not carried out due “diligence” by attempting to identify the driver.

The judge imposed six-penalty-points on his licence and fined him £1,000 with prosecution costs of £600 and a victims surcharge of £100.

Skyner was Merseyside comedian of the year three-years running and has been a comedian for over 25-years, he is known as the “Worlds most famous unknown comedian”.

Skyner was born with deformities and was damaged by the Thalidomide drug in the 1960`s he has no thumbs, wrists or elbows, Skyner also works as a motivational speaker. He drives a car with a personal registration plate on his car with “GAG” as part of the cars registration.

He gave his address in court as Ibbotson’s Lane, Liverpool.

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