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Furness Community Radio shows what it ‘Cando’

[A]fter two successful years of broadcasting as an FM station, Furness College is exploring the opportunity to transfer CandoFM’s Community Radio Licence to Furness Broadcast Media, a social enterprise set up to manage a community radio station.

This transfer will enable CandoFM to fulfil its full potential as an active community radio station, while still providing valuable experience for Furness College students volunteering at the station. This will also enable local schools to continue regular broadcasts as part of the community licence.

As part of the transition, CandoFM will relocate to new premises at the heart of a growing creative community in the area, allowing for upgraded facilities and wider opportunities for the station, students and volunteers. The College will support this relocation. In the interim period, CandoFM’s studios will continue to be based at Furness College’s Channelside campus.

Furness College has been pleased to support the development of CandoFM from an enterprise project to the thriving community radio station it is today. This support will continue indefinitely if the licence is transferred.

Furness College will work closely with Furness Broadcast Media during this time to support CandoFM as it moves into the heart of the community it serves.

There are a number of conditions which must be met prior to the transfer and, if these conditions are met, it is expected that the transition will be complete by Spring 2018.

Nicholas James Emerson, Current Sustainability and Business Development Coordinator of Cando FM and Director of Furness Broadcast Media CIC Ltd, said: “This latest stage of the station’s growth in the Furness Community will create more flexibility in operation and provide increased volunteering opportunities for students and members of the community.”

He added: “Ask not what your Community Radio Station ‘Cando’ for you, but what you ‘Cando’ on your Community Radio Station!”

Contact Nicholas James Emerson on 07832 234570 for more information on volunteering for CandoFM.

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