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Lodore Falls Hotel reveals its gingerbread house

Shane Hamilton (Head Chef) with the gingerbread house

[F]or the last 15 years Shane Hamilton, Head Chef at the Lodore Falls Hotel, has produced a fabulous towering gingerbread house which is a replica of the hotel itself. Each year Shane works on his masterpiece to have it ready in time for the launch of their festive menu’s, which are now available right through till the 3rd January 2018.

On average, Shane spends up to 5 days building his gingerbread house, with this year taking an extra 2 days following on from the recent developments at the hotel; as the business continues to grow, so does the gingerbread house which now features their brand-new conservatory that opened back in August.

The hotel replica can be seen on display in the Lodore Falls lobby, where it will remain until the festive celebrations take place and the house is knocked to pieces by the children staying at the hotel, as part of a New Year’s Day tradition.

Shane commented, “The last two weeks I’ve been especially busy, spending every spare moment producing our magical gingerbread house. This year I’ve added in the conservatory, the house features stained sugar windows and real working lights, all of which are edible (apart from the lights). I’m already looking forward to next year when I can add in our new spa, it’s going to be epic”.

For Shane, the festive season starts back in February, when he begins to make the Lodore Falls Hotel Christmas cake, from here Shane continues to feed the cake every few weeks. Based on a secret family recipe, this year Shane is gearing up to reveal a surprise centre piece which took more than 8 hours to bake!

For further information on the festivities at the Lodore Falls Hotel, visit

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