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Barrow locals pledge to stay active

[I]n the lead up to Self-Care Awareness Week, Barrow locals learnt about the importance of keeping moving into later life to increase their number of active years.

The community event, which was organised by the local Community Physiotherapy team, aimed to encourage people over the age of 60 to find out about how they can improve their own health and wellbeing, enabling them to stay well in the community.

Approximately 60 members of the public attended the event and as well as receiving advice on how individuals can improve their mobility, 50 attendees received a health and wellbeing check-up.

Catherine Salt, Community Physiotherapist said: “As a team we found the day to be an excellent opportunity to promote the benefits of keeping moving into later life, to help increase the number of active and independent years a person has. Starting with small lifestyle changes such as getting off the bus one stop earlier can make a big difference to a person’s overall health.

“The most important outcome of the event was that over half of people who came along planned to make a positive change to their activity levels as a result of the day!”

A number of health professionals were on hand throughout the event to provide information and advice including Physiotherapists, Dieticians, and Occupational Therapists. Additionally local exercise group leaders, health and wellbeing coordinators and third sector agencies including Age UK attended the event to offer support and encourage longer term access to activities within the community.

Sue Clarke, Community Physiotherapy Team Lead said: “The event was a fantastic opportunity for people to find out how physical activity can enable them to stay as independent and healthy as possible. We hope that it has given attendees a starting point to make some long lasting positive changes to their health and wellbeing!”

The community event took place at the Forum in Barrow-in-Furness on Wednesday 27th September.

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