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Flame Concepts To Leverage Growth From National Award Win

Flame Concepts managing director, Steve Bishop (centre), accepts the award for Best Ticketing Technology at the Event Technology Awards 2017.

[C]umbrian-based web and digital solutions provider, Flame Concepts, is giving UK and European-based conference, event and tourism managers something to seriously think about, having won the national Event Technology Awards’ category of ‘Best Ticketing Technology’.

Flame Concepts, which offers its clients a unique ‘Ignition’ service, based on intuitive software written afer listening to their individual needs, has created a bespoke technological approach to ticketing that has no peers.  The national award success should now make Flame Concepts the first name on the list for anyone putting a digital ticketing brief together.

In essence, its advanced, robust and reliable technology is more than just a ticketing solution, becoming a tool that conference and event organisers, or visitor attractions, can utilise to better engage with their target audience and use to shape future event and experience delivery.

Its cloud-based solutions enable easy client access to data, sales figures and reports, whilst advanced API software allows clients to study customer behaviour and the interaction of attendees with the event.

Incorporating options such as a cutting-edge online box office management system, mobile payment mechanisms, ticket-linked virtual cloakroom, EPOS, live on-site RFID wristband scanning functionality, management of vehicle access and integrated social media tools, Flame Concept’s ticketing and registration system is light years ahead of many other solutions.

The Event Technology Award endorsement should now help Flame Concepts attract many new event and conference managers and other clients needing ticketing to work for them and integrate with their entire marketing function.  Its location in Cockermouth should also make it the first port of call for any Cumbrian event or tourism manager recognising how they could generate more business through effective and engaging ticketing.

One client that has already benefited is the ATOM Science Festival in Abingdon – a 13-event and 6-venue festival of science and technology that Flame Concepts’ ticketing solution seamlessly and efficiently managed and which the Event Technology Award judges reviewed as a case study that demonstrated Flame Concepts’ advanced ticketing technology in action.

Flame Concepts’ managing director, Steve Bishop, says: “We are delighted to bring the Event Technology Awards trophy for ‘Best Ticketing Technology’ home to Cumbria and hope to use this as a platform for growth.  It removes barriers that might have stood in our way previously, just because we are not a high profile event management name, and it should also allow us to work with many bigger clients around the country, as they can now see that they can place their trust in us.

“This should boost employment opportunities here and be the start of an exciting new era at Flame Concepts, as we leverage the benefits of national recognition.  It has definitely come at the right time, just as event and tourism managers start to plan their 2018 events and seasons.”

More information can be found at or obtained by calling 01900 268281.

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