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Siblings jailed for over 19 years for brutal attack in Carlisle

Martin and David Woodhead

[T]hree members of the same family have been jailed for sustained and unprovoked assaults committed following a party in a Carlisle social club.

The siblings, sentenced today (14th November) at Carlisle Crown Court, are:

  • Martin Anthony Woodhead, 32, of Chatsworth Square, was sentenced to ten years for causing GBH and attempting to cause GBH with intent.
  • David Anthony Woodhead, 31, of Parkside, was sentenced to nine years for causing GBH and attempting to cause GBH with intent.
  • Samantha Lindsey Woodhead, 29, of, Parkside, was sentenced to six months for common assault, two counts of causing ABH and one count of affray.

The incident occurred at a 30th birthday party at the Conservative Club on Spencer Street on the 12th August earlier this year.

The court heard how Samantha Woodhead had been the catalyst for the incident which was captured on CCTV. She assaulted a male inside the premises before the violence spilled outside.

Once outside Martin Woodhead and David Woodhead repeatedly punched and kicked the same man and a second male.

The violent episode continued when a taxi arrives and a woman runs over to try and intervene. Both brothers restart their assaults and Samantha Woodhead begins to assault the woman and throws her to the ground in the road. Samantha’s assault stops only when her brothers usher her away. David Woodhead then continues to punch one of the male victims before kicking him in the head as he lay unconscious.

One of the men suffered a fractured eye socket and a fractured left arm. The other two victims suffered minor injuries.

All three pleaded guilty to their charges at earlier hearings.

Detective Constable Jessica Myers, North Cumbria CID, said: “This incident was particularly violent with the two male offenders, fuelled by alcohol, looking to seriously injure the two men they attacked and Samantha Woodhead willingly involving herself in the violence and assaulting a woman who had gone to help the victims.

“They did so without any provocation and none of the victims were able to defend themselves during the sustained attack.

“It is only by fortune that the injuries suffered were not more serious. The kick to the head of the unconscious male victim could have been fatal.

“All three siblings provided no comment during interviews with the police and despite pleading guilty to offences, I believe they hold little remorse for their actions that night.

“The CCTV shows the level of violence the Woodheads used and what is deeply disturbing that they acted this way whilst children were present.

“They will all now serve considerable time in prison and it is our hope that this sentencing sends a clear message that violent behaviour fuelled by alcohol will not be tolerated in Cumbria.”

Gerard Rogerson, Crown Advocate for CPS North West, said: “The three siblings were involved in an extremely violent incident at a family gathering.

“An alcohol fuelled argument which occurred inside the club towards the end of the evening, soon escalated into serious violence which spilled out onto the street.

“As they carried out unprovoked attacks on their two victims, they showed utter disregard for everyone else who was present, including young children who looked on in horror.

“We worked closely with the police to build a strong case of evidence against them, which included clear CCTV, leaving them with no other option but to plead guilty to the charges they faced.”

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