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Prolific Barrow shoplifter banned from town centre shops for three years

Nicola Duke

[A] prolific shoplifter has been banned from retail premises in Barrow town centre for three years after being convicted of an offence at Barrow Magistrates’ Court today (15 Nov, 2017).

Nicola Duke, 37, of Mill Bank, Barrow, appeared at court and was convicted of shoplifting from Debenhams in Barrow on 8 November 2017.

She was sentenced to 90 days in prison – 45 of which she will serve immediately. The second 45 days have been suspended for 12 months.

She must also pay a £115 victim surcharge upon release.

The police and Crown Prosecution Service also applied for a Criminal Behaviour Order which was granted by District Judge Chalk.

The terms of the order ban Duke from entering retail premises in the main Barrow town centre shopping areas and retail complexes for five years.

Sergeant Caroline Milligan said: “Prolific shoplifters can have a crippling impact on businesses in the community, big and small.

“Those who steal from retail premises increase the costs of goods to other customers whilst also intimidating staff, making going about daily work more difficult and challenging.

“Cumbria police will continue to take positive action for those who steal and today’s result shows that the courts will support retailers by issuing Criminal Behaviour Orders.”

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