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NHS ask people in Cumbria to get snapping in latest recruitment efforts

[N]HS organisations in Cumbria are asking the public to help them in their latest efforts to recruit health professionals to the county.

North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust (NCUH) and Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT) have launched an appeal for photos that represent what it’s like to live and work in Cumbria. The photos will then be used to showcase Cumbria to potential recruits as part of their recruitment drive.

Linda Bennetts, Associate Director or Nursing for Mental Health at CPFT, explained: “Cumbria is really unique in what it has to offer and that’s what we want to capture. Who better to show off what it’s like to live and work here than the people who do just that? We’re inviting staff, businesses and the public to send us their photos that show everything from the spirit of Cumbrian people, the lifestyle and culture to the nightlife, work life and landscape.

“If people move here they’re not just interested in the job, they want to know what the area is like to live in. I recently moved to Cumbria from Cornwall and was drawn here by the values of the organisation and the quality of life for my family.”

The Trusts hope to receive a wide range of photos that they can then use in promotional materials and adverts to attract people to the area. Stephen Eames, Chief Executive for CPFT and NCUH, commented: “People tell us they want to help our recruitment efforts and this is a really easy way they can get involved. People who live in Cumbria are proud and passionate about the place they call home. We want to use that passion to tackle a serious recruitment challenge by putting Cumbria in the spotlight.”

The two Trusts will be launching their latest recruitment campaign in the coming weeks featuring the new photography. Amanda Dunkley, Project Manager for Attraction at NCUH, added: “We really excited to share our new recruitment campaign. It’s different to anything we’ve done before and we hope it will help us to stand out. By working together across the Trusts we can get the most of our recruitment efforts.”

The Trusts are not looking for professionals, rather anyone with a passion for Cumbria and an eye for a good shot. They’ll be using the best photos to help promote Cumbria to health professionals far and wide.

Send up to four high quality photos to [email protected]

Entry requirements

Photos taken must be your own work and if they feature other people, you need to make sure they have given their consent for the photo to be shared. By sharing your photos with us you agree for Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and North Cumbria University Hospitals NHS Trust to use them in recruitment campaigns as they see fit, to showcase Cumbria.

We may not be able to use all photos we receive if they do not meet the required quality or contain inappropriate content.

All NHS jobs in Cumbria are advertised through

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