Cumbria Crack

Trio locked up for after bungled South Cumbria bike dealership burglary

L-R: David Ainsworth, Billy-joe Young and John Peart

[T]HREE criminals involved in an audacious bid to burgle a Kendal motorcycle dealership have been jailed.

Carlisle Crown Court heard the ultimately botched attempt to steal high value bikes from Triple D Motorsport occurred during the night of June 29.

Sophisticated tools were used to saw through a fire door and cut through security gate, while a CCTV camera was covered and the main power supply cut. A ladder was also found by police who attended the Mintsfeet industrial estate site after the alarm was twice triggered, and a van – since unclaimed – was located nearby.

John Alan Peart, 44, Billy-joe Young, 33, and 36-year-old David Martin Ainsworth tried to hide as officers arrived, but were detained after a chase.

Damage of almost £5,000 was caused to the business along with “considerable disruption”.

All three Lancashire-based men admitted a charge of burglary with intent to steal, and were sentenced today (FRI).

The court heard their crime had been expertly planned and resourced, but “incompetently executed”.

Heavily-convicted Ainsworth, of Mill Street, Padiham, was jailed for two years. Peart, of Duncan Square, and Young, of Union Road, both Oswaldtwistle, received immediate 18-month terms.

“That you were seeking to get these items (bikes) seems to me beyond doubt,” the trio were told by Recorder John Corless.

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