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Growing Carlisle’s nuclear-allied industries

[J]ohn Stevenson MP is spearheading an initiative to grow Carlisle’s connections with the West Cumbrian nuclear industry.

In the past three weeks, John has visited Bendalls Engineering and Clark Door in Carlisle, and the National Nuclear Laboratories at Sellafield, to gain a better understanding of just how important a role Carlisle businesses have in the nuclear supply chain – the vast web of allied industries keeping the West Cumbrian nuclear industry operating – and how make this industry grow in Carlisle.

John said: “Carlisle firms already play an important role in a Cumbrian nuclear industry, however with Sellafield being so notable, many individuals, including potential investors in our county, presume nuclear engineering expertise is restricted to west Cumbria. This couldn’t be further from the truth.”

Both Clark Doors and Bendalls Engineering amongst other companies in Carlisle provide highly specialised technologies to support operations at Sellafield. With the Moorside nuclear new build project in the pipeline the role of Carlisle businesses as a key link in the nuclear supply chain has a chance to grow.

John said: “The nuclear-allied industry is an important provider of jobs and economic growth in Carlisle. We have highly skilled engineers and technicians producing world-leading products in our city, and we should not be shy about declaring ourselves as a centre for engineering expertise. Businesses have the power to enrich everyone’s lives in the community they root themselves, and that is why I am keen to do what I can to promote Carlisle’s engineering sector, to help it secure further investment and bring good quality jobs and skills to our city.”

In addition to working with a variety of stakeholders across Carlisle to grow the city’s nuclear-allied industries, John is keen to see the city benefit from support at the national level.

John added: “A more deeply integrated and productive nuclear sector, alongside all the allied industries it relies on, is an important part of Britain’s Industrial Strategy. The Government is committed to building a Britain that works well into the future, and as a strong, self-sufficient energy sector is a fundamental part of this, I am confident all of Cumbria will benefit from long-term investment from central Government.”

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