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Players After Technical Support

[P]enrith Players have a good reputation for the productions they present and are looking to enhance this even further by attracting people who may be able to help them in technical support.

The Players have their own theatre, the Playhouse, situated just behind Morrison’s supermarket, with a well–equipped booth and equipment which includes a new computer. There are several plays and some external bookings every year, and for each production a small team will set up the lights and sound effects and operate them during the run of the play.

The chair of Theatre Committee, Ian Baker said: ”We believe there must be plenty of people locally who would enjoy the challenge of lighting a stage
or finding just the right sound effect, and to deliver these essential ingredients in our high quality plays, and we want them on our team. The technical staff are an essential part of putting on a play. If there are people interested, I’d ask them to get in touch with me.”

Ian can be contacted on 07500 454981 or [email protected].

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