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Sellafield to hold Emergency Exercise

[A]n emergency exercise will be taking place at the Sellafield site on the evening of Wednesday 6th December 2017.

The exercise will take place after 19.30hrs and will involve activities that may be visible and audible to neighbouring communities.

The site siren MAY be sounded and the public and agency alert cascade system MAY be activated. This means local residents who have registered to receive automated SMS text, email and telephone warnings from Sellafield, may be contacted.

Exercise umpires and safety marshalls wearing high visibility clothing could be visible to people off site.

The exercise scenario will require the use of blank firearms and low level pyrotechnics which could be audible to neighbouring communities.

At no time will live ammunition be carried by those involved in the exercise.

The exercise scenario may also include the use of simulated ‘casualties’ and ‘injuries’, although this is unlikely to be visible outside of the site boundary.

Emergency exercises are held regularly at all nuclear licensed sites to test their readiness in the event of an emergency.

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