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Dangerous Carlisle robber locked up for seven years

Matthew Johnstone

[A] KNIFE-carrying criminal who robbed a teenager just days after stabbing a man whose home he burgled has been jailed for seven years.

Matthew Kyle Johnstone, 22, was sentenced at Carlisle Crown Court today (MON) for a string of serious offences he committed during a spree in September while high on drugs.

After burgling a city house and stealing cash, Johnstone stabbed householder Reece Nicholson in the thigh as he caught him in the act.

Just two days later, on September 16, Johnstone approached a group of teenagers in Carlisle city centre. He turned his attention to one boy, fidgeted with what appeared to be a knife in his pocket and then demanded: “Give me your money.”

The terrified teen handed over £10, and was left shaking and distressed.

Johnstone admitted burglary, wounding, robbery, two knife possession crimes and assaulting an officer after police caught up with him.

Recorder Kevin Grice heard Johnstone had previous convictions for burglaries, violence and weapon possession. The judge concluded he was a dangerous offender who posed a significant risk to the public of committing a serious crime without treatment for a severe personality disorder.

Johnstone, of Adelphi Terrace, Currock, Carlisle, must serve two-thirds of his prison term, and was also made subject to an extended three-year licence period.

Detective Constable Tim Prangnell, North Cumbria CID, said: “We are pleased that Johnstone has been sent to prison for his violent actions.

“He is clearly a dangerous individual who stabbed a man on his return home whilst he was stealing from him. Thankfully the injuries were not more serious, however that does not dilute the seriousness of that offence.

“He then boasted about stabbing the man to the teenage children in order to intimidate them. He then followed them and eventually threatened one of them with violence if he did not hand over any money. Whilst threatening the teenager he was seen holding a knife that left the victim understandably distressed.

“His violent behaviour and attitude was evident whilst in custody when he threw a chair at an officer.

“Carlisle is a safer place with individuals like Johnstone behind bars and we will look to bring anyone who behaves in such a violent way before the courts.”

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