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Copeland MP raises Cumbria’s flood defences in Parliament

Trudy Harrison MP raises Cumbria flood defences in DEFRA questions

[T]he MP for Copeland has asked the flood’s minister what steps are being taken to improve Cumbria’s flood defences.

In the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs questions today, Trudy Harrison MP asked flood’s minister, Therese Coffey what steps are being taken to improve the area’s flood defences.

In response to Mrs Harrison’s written question, Ms Coffee, said: “The resilience of flood defences is good; in October, this year the Environment Agency’s assessment show that over 95% of flood defences are maintained in high risk areas were at or above the target condition, and in Cumbria it was 97.5%.

“We have repaired all the flood defences that were damaged in the winter of 2015, we know there is more to do to help communities in Keswick and other parts of her constituency and across Cumbria – that’s why we allocated £58m extra for flood risk management schemes.”

Mrs Harrison, responded: “I am grateful for that response, however £800,000 was pledged for my community in Braithwaite which was devastated in Storm Desmond. Two years on can the Minister please confirm when the work will actually be completed for that village.”

The flood minister continued: “My honourable friend is right to raise the issue of this particular village – I am aware that the shortlisting of options is due to be completed next month, with a target date of the end of 2019. I will be meeting her and her colleagues from Cumbria next week and we can discuss all the details further.”

Next week Mrs Harrison will join her five Cumbrian colleagues for a joint meeting with Therese Coffee to discuss flooding issues.

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