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Local benefit is priority for Moorside development says Copeland MP

[T]he MP for Copeland has told Ministers that local benefit must be prioritised following the news that a South Korean energy company is to take over NuGen, the power plant developer.

Today Trudy Harrison MP welcomed the news that KEPCO has been confirmed as the preferred bidder in the take over of the Moorside power plant developer, NuGen.

On Wednesday, Mrs Harrison held a joint meeting with the Rt Hon Greg Clark, Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and Richard Harrington, Minister for Energy to discuss the importance of skills, jobs and maximising the opportunities to the benefit of the Copeland community.

The meeting came following news of a new buyer for NuGen, the company developing Moorside in Copeland.

Mrs Harrison, said: “The recent announcement that KEPCO is bidding for NuGen is encouraging news. I was pleased to meet with the South Korean company’s senior leaders during the summer and was able to convey the many reasons for investing in West Cumbria, not least, a 70-year track record of leading the world’s nuclear expertise.

“My priority is making sure that local skills are developed and our workforce is prioritised. Ensuring that British intelligence, design competence, components, technology and fuel are used in design, construction and operation, will be vitally important if we are truly going to benefit in the long term.

“Growing local businesses, with nuclear expertise and supporting diversification will enable the socio-economic spring board we need.”

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