Cumbria Crack

Man in court for soiling South Cumbria police station cell

[A] MAN has been ordered to pay compensation for soiling a South Cumbria police station cell following his arrest.

Peter Christopher Hall, 35, was said to have urinated on bedding and his own clothing after being taken into custody at Kendal police station on September 30.

Hall also used wet toilet paper to cover a camera, had defecated in the cell and was “disruptive and abusive to staff throughout the evening”.

His criminal conduct meant the cell was “unusable for five days” and resulted in a £450 cleaning bill.

Hall, of Lound Road, Kendal, admitted damaging property. Today (TUES) he was ordered to pay £300 compensation for the offence by Judge Peter Hughes QC, sitting as a district judge at Carlisle Crown Court.

Hall was described as being “ashamed and disgusted” by his behaviour and had made repeated offers to clean the cell. The court heard he suspected his drink had been “spiked with LSD”.

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