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Carlisle man admits heroin crime part-way through his trial

Carlisle Crown Court

[A] MAN accused of involvement in heroin supply around Carlisle has pleaded guilty to the crime part-way through his trial.

Gary McCaffrey, 37, had previously denied being concerned in supplying the class A drug between January 1 and February 17 this year.

He went on trial at Carlisle Crown Court earlier this week. Jurors were told by a prosecutor McCaffrey’s role in the heroin supply had been to “ferry” dealers around Carlisle in a vehicle, and take them back to their native Merseyside.

After the trial was halted briefly this afternoon (TUES), the charge was put again to McCaffrey, of Balmoral Court, Etterby, Carlisle, and he pleaded guilty.

McCaffrey also faced a second charge which alleged that he perverted the course of justice. But when the prosecutor announced he would offer no evidence on that allegation, he was found not guilty by jurors at the direction of Judge James Adkin.

McCaffrey was remanded in custody by the judge, and told that he would receive his punishment for the heroin offence on January 19.

Judge Adkin told him: “You must understand that the strong likelihood is that a custodial sentence will follow.”

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