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May the paws be with you

Obi and Rey, Padamè and Jabba, four of the seven pups looking for new homes

[S]even adorable collie cross puppies landed at Oak Tree Farm at the beginning of December.

As their arrival coincided with the opening of the new Star Wars film, the unwanted litter from a farm ‘far, far away’ were appropriately named after characters in the film. Staff at Oak Tree instantly fell in love with the 5 month old pups and have been kept very busy responding to their every need! With little previous training these fabulous young dogs have worked really hard and are learning all the basic skills needed by puppies for a great future and the ‘force is certainly strong with them’ as they set out on their voyage of discovery to find their new forever homes.

Caroline Johnson, General Manager at Oak Tree said: “These wonderful pups have learnt so much in the short time they have been with us and they are now ready to find loving forever homes. As with all of our rescue animals they are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and have had full veterinary and behavioural assessments. Obi, Leia, Carrie, Padamè, Rey, Jabba and Chewy have great personalities and really enjoy exploring and cuddles!”

May the Paws be with them!

For more information about rehoming at Oak Tree Animals’ Charity please visit or call 01228 560082

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