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Health and fitness movement R.E.D supports Carlisle Eden Mind

[R].E.D stands for RUN EVERY DAY. It kicks off in January, followed by a month long challenge to run, walk, skip (whatever you fancy!) each day, every day.

The main aim is to raise awareness for mental health issues by promoting the positive impact that exercise can have on your mind and wellbeing. The movement mantra therefore is, DON’T FEEL BLUE IN JANUARY, GET R.E.D.

All sponsorship money raised from the challenge will go to your chosen local branch of Mind, the mental health charity. To find out which branch supports your community, visit

R.E.D’s founder, 32-year-old Hannah Beecham, was inspired to start the movement after helping her Mum combat depression through physical exercise;

“Witnessing the life-changing effect that a physical challenge can have on someone suffering from depression, inspired me to start a social movement that promotes mental wellbeing through exercise.”

Why January?

People are typically penny pinching in January. R.E.D is FREE to participate in. With cold weather, dark days and the Christmas bloat to contend with, R.E.D provides a focus to help get people through January in a positive and healthy way, encouraging good habits for the rest of the year.

Who is R.E.D for?

What sets the challenge apart from other sponsored fitness events is its INCLUSIVITY. You don’t need to be athletic, you don’t even need to train your body to achieve a certain level of strength, agility or distance. There are NO RULES. The aim is to just move your body every day, whilst raising awareness for the millions of people who experience depression and similar mental health problems.

With INCLUSIVITY comes COMMUNITY. Through the power of social media R.E.D brings people together who are effected by these issues, no matter where they are in the world so they are connected by a common goal, in a forum where they can share their experiences and find support.

Mind and R.E.D

The five Cumbrian branches of Mind, the mental health charity, have joined forces again to raise awareness of mental health in Cumbria through R.E.D January following a record breaking first year.

Caroline Robinson, Community Fundraising Officer for Carlisle Eden Mind said ‘More than 80 people took part in R.E.D January for Carlisle Eden Mind in 2017 and together raised £17,000 in just four weeks – a fantastic total. All money raised goes directly towards supporting people with mental health problems in the Carlisle and Eden districts.

We’re so pleased to be supported by so many local gyms, running groups, workplaces, organisations and schools. This challenge really has captured the imagination of our county.’

Jean-Ann Gate took part in R.E.D January 2017 to kick-start her fitness goals. “I set a target of 1 mile a day and completed over 31 miles by the end of the challenge. In the months since R.E.D January I have run over 300 miles, lost over 4 stone in weight and am training for the London Marathon. In addition to that, I raised nearly £400 for Carlisle Eden Mind from my supportive friends and family. If you told me I would achieve all that I wouldn’t have believed you.”

How can I get involved?

To take part in R.E.D January for Carlisle Eden Mind, simply go to the Just Giving page and click ‘Start Fundraising’

If you would like to take part for another local Mind in the county, all details are on their Facebook pages.

Carlisle Eden Mind | South Lakeland Mind | Mind in West Cumbria

Mind in Furness | Ulverston Mind

For any information about R.E.D January in Cumbria, contact Caroline Robinson

[email protected] | 01228 543354

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