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Four jailed after boy, 16, kidnapped and attacked in Blackburn ‘honour attack’

L-R: Saqib Baig, Ghazanfar Mirza, Khizum Baig and Mirza Baig

[F]our men have today (Friday, December 22) been sentenced for attacking a teenager in Blackburn.

Khizum Baig, 29 and Mirza Baig, 49, both of Blackthorn Close, Blackburn, Saqib Baig, 29, of Beechwood Court, Blackburn and Ghazanfar Mirza, 38, of Rosewood Avenue, Blackburn, were jailed for a total of more than nine years at Preston Crown Court.

Detectives launched an investigation following an incident in Blackburn last year.

Police were called around 6.40pm on March 7, 2016, to reports a 16-year-old boy had been kidnapped and attacked.

Around 6.30pm the victim had been walking on East Park Road close to the entrance with Corporation Park when he was approached by a maroon-coloured vehicle. The driver, Ghazanfar Mirza, told the teenager to get in the vehicle. The boy was locked in the car and driven to Beechwood Court where he was dragged out of the car and punched, kicked and attacked with a weapon by a number of men.

The 16-year-old was then told to get back in the car and driven to Granville Road before being released.

Following investigation officers established Mirza Baig, Khizum Baig and Saqib Baig, as well as Ghazanfar Mirza, all part of the same family, had been involved in the assault.

The group were arrested by police and charged.

Detectives established the men had taken exception to a relationship the boy had with a local girl. The so-called ‘honour attack’ was understood to be racially motivated, with the boy from a different community.

Saqib Baig pleaded guilty to Section 20 wounding and affray, Khizum Baig to a Section 47 assault and affray, Mirza Baig to affray and Ghazanfar Mirza to affray and false imprisonment.

Mirza Baig was jailed for 21 months, Khizum Baig sentenced to 30 months and Saqib Baig handed a three year sentence. Ghazanfar Mirza was jailed for 30 months.

Det Sgt Rachel Higson, of Lancashire Police, said: “This was a truly shocking offence involving the kidnap and violent assault of a teenage boy in Blackburn.

“The men had targeted the victim because of the relationship he had with a local girl. The attack was premeditated and involved the use of a weapon, with the boy requiring hospital treatment for significant head injuries.

“We must praise the victim, who despite the clearly threatening and violent behaviour of the group reported the incident to police.

“The four offenders are dangerous individuals and we welcome today’s sentence. There is no honour in attacking a defenceless child, only shame. There is no room for such barbaric behaviour in today’s society.”

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