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Kyle Bickley reserves his Comets team place for 2018

Kyle Bickley, pictured with club owner Laura Morgan and co-promoter/team manager Tony Jackson – becoming a Comet in 2018 (picture: Dave Payne)

[T]he Workington Comets management have announced that up-and-coming Workington-based teenager Kyle Bickley is to be the fifth name added to the Comets 2018 team sheet.

Agreement has been reached with 15-year-old Kyle and his family for him to occupy one of the two reserve berths in the Comets 2018 starting line-up, with Kyle set to formally sign a contract with his local club when he turns 16 at the end of February.

Club owner Laura Morgan said: “We are absolutely delighted that we have been able to secure Kyle’s services for the new season; which is a big season for Kyle as he takes his first steps in Championship speedway.

“It goes without saying that he is an outstanding prospect, as his record in youth speedway shows, and he had an excellent debut season at National League level as part of the very successful Belle Vue Colts side in 2017.

“Joining the Comets in the Championship is the next step in his speedway education but we have made it very clear to him and to his father that there will be absolutely no pressure put on him whatsoever. He will be given all the help and encouragement possible by the Comets management and his more experienced team-mates so that he can develop and learn at his own pace as the season progresses.

“He has got excellent equipment and great backing from his family and many businesses, both local and national, along with an excellent attitude and great dedication towards the sport and we very much look forward to having him in our side and playing our part in his ongoing development.

“We know that for some considerable time Kyle has been counting down the days until he is old enough to compete at this level and, as the old saying goes; ‘He has a long way to go and a long time to do it’ and we all very much look forward to seeing him representing the Comets in 2018.”

Kyle, who has three national youth speedway titles to his name (two at 125cc and one at 500cc), is also a double FIM 125cc Longtrack Gold Trophy World Champion (2014 and 2015) and is no stranger to Derwent Park; having regularly ridden there in second half junior events and as a pre-meeting mascot down the years. He also becomes the second local rider in the side; joining fellow West Cumbrian and 2017 Belle Vue Colts team-mate Dan Bewley.

Kyle will come into the Comets line-up on a 2.00 average, which brings their team-building total so far up to 28.19; as Kyle now joins Ty Proctor (7.15), Nicolai Klindt (7.51), Dan Bewley (5.80) and Mason Campton (5.73) on the Comets 2018 team sheet; leaving 14.31 points available for the final two team members in order to comply with the 42.50 maximum team building limit.

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