Cumbria Crack

Go Wild for Walney, while you shop!

Visitors watching the amazing bird life at South Walney Nature Reserve. Photo credit: John Morrison

[Y]ou can now help Walney’s wildlife whilst doing your weekly shop at your local Barrow-in-Furness Co-op store.

Cumbria Wildlife Trust needs to kit-out family-friendly hides at South Walney Nature Reserve helping people to understand the wildlife around them and learn more about this nature reserve, the environment and wildlife.

Every time a Co-op member shops at a local store, 1% of what they spend on selected own-brand products and services goes to the local community fund. The money from this fund will help to create hides bursting with information, artefacts and displays that will inspire people about wildlife.

The money raised by all the Co-op members in the community, together with money from shopping bag sales, helps to fund local projects in the area where you live. Since September 2016, Co-op have raised a total of more than £20 million.

Shoppers just need to login to their online account at and nominate Cumbria Wildlife Trust’s project, South Walney Family Hides, and help them raise funds so people enjoy the spectacular wildlife at this special place.

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