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Greggs ‘death threat’ man jailed

Greggs, Scotch Street, Carlisle

[A] man from Carlisle who was “banned” from entering any Greggs in the city on Monday, was back in court today.

Paul Nigel Dickinson, 47, of Port Road, Carlisle was charged with an offence of public order in that he stood outside the Greggs shop on Scotch Street and threatened a member of staff and caused harassment alarm or distress later on the same day January 8.

Today District Judge Gerald Chalk was told how Dickinson was standing in the doorway of Greggs making gestures with his fingers imitating a gun held to his head, this was only hours after been banned from the shops.

He pleaded guilty to the charge at the magistrates Court.

The court was told then on January 9, he entered McDonalds on Scotch Street and ordered a meal and attempted to pay with a debit card, payment was refused, Dickinson was asked if he could use a different method of payment,

He told the member of staff that he [Dickinson] “owned McDonalds and he wanted the meal” or the staff member “would be sacked”.

He pleaded guilty to this similar offence [public order].

The court was told the member of staff was frightened at the aggressive attitude of Dickinson.

While in the dock Dickinson made similar gestures from the secure dock area, he told the court he has psychotic tendencies.

Dickinson was given a total of 56-days in prison and has a victim surcharge of £115 to pay on his release.

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