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Carlisle burglar jailed for 15 months

Carlisle Crown Court

[A] CARLISLE burglar who struck at a city home while the occupant was asleep inside has been jailed.

Heavily-convicted Philip Howard Bright, 46, crept into the property at Milbourne Street during the early hours of December 13.

Bright snatched a mobile phone, cash and also a bank card which he used in two Carlisle shops within hours to buy lager and milk.

He was arrested after returning to one of the stores later that day as police spoke with a member of staff who had recognised the criminal.

Having admitted burglary and two fraud charges, Bright, of Jubilee Road, Carlisle, was locked up for 15 months at the city’s crown court today (MON).

A man with scores of previous offences, he was said to have committed the latest crimes amid homelessness and drug addiction.

“It was an utterly unsophisticated venture,” his lawyer, Mark Shepherd, conceded.

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