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CumbrianLass launches blog to overcome Mental Illness

[A]fter battling against bipolar for 15 years, this Cumbrian Lass has launched a new Cumbrian blog to help overcome her mental health issues.

The blog aims to promote what Cumbria has to offer tourists and locals, finding the hidden gems, promoting health & being and having a bit of fun.

“Living in Cumbria has helped with all aspects of my mental health, the community has such spirit, the outdoors and fresh air works wonders for my mental health and talking about it openly helps others to understand mental illness. I’ve also found that talking about my mental health helps others to reach out and get support that they need”

The blog is very personal and explains how the blog started just after Storm Desmond and how it has evolved and became a lifeline for her.

The blog can be found at and she is also on Facebook instagram and twitter!

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