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Appeal to reunite medals with their owners

L-R: The medals stolen in Halton and found in Lancaster

[P]OLICE are appealing for the public’s help in reuniting a number of sentimental medals with their owners.

On 2nd December 2017, four World War 1 medals were stolen during a burglary in Halton. The medals are inscribed with the number 20034. They are of huge sentimental value to the family and they are very distressed at their loss.

Officers are appealing to anyone with information as to their whereabouts to contact police.

Police have also recently had two medals handed in to them. They were found in Lancaster on 19th December 2017. Both medals are from World War 1, are engraved with Pte H.L Norman MGC/15590.

PC Helen Stanley of Lancaster Police, said: “We believe the medals belong to Private Henry Lionel Norman who died in active service on 28th October 1914.

“All World War 1 medals were issued automatically after the war either to the service person or to their legal next of kin. We therefore believe that these medals could have been lost by one of Pte Norman’s descendants or it’s possible they could have been sold and later stolen.

“We are keen to return both sets of medals to their owners. Anyone with information is asked to contact Lancashire Police on 101 quoting reference LC-20171202-0452.”

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