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Barristers in Workington “gang rape” trial to start making closing speeches

Carlisle Crown Court

[B]ARRISTERS in the trial of four schoolboys who deny raping a girl in Workington will begin delivering closing speeches tomorrow.

The boys, all aged under 16 and from West Cumbria, have pleaded not guilty to two rape charges. They further deny a further sexual assault allegation.

It is alleged they carried out a “brutal sexual attack” on a 15-year-old girl in a muddy field on the evening of January 3 last year.

On day nine of their trial at Carlisle Crown Court today (THURS), Judge James Adkin gave legal directions to jurors, who have now heard all evidence in the case.

Prosecution and then defence speeches will start tomorrow morning. Judge Adkin will then sum up the evidence to jurors before asking them to retire and begin the task of deliberating on the charges faced by the boys.

Each of them claims that sexual activity was consensual.

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