Cumbria Crack

Jailed West Cumbrian men made subject of Criminal Behaviour Orders

L-R: Paul McCracken, Nicky Hewitson and Mark Wilkinson

[T]hree men involved in a burglary at a commercial premises in Maryport have been given Criminal Behaviour Orders.

The men – Nicky Hewitson, 30, of Crown Street, Cockermouth, Paul McCracken, 34, of Crosby Street, Maryport and Mark Wilkinson, 35, of Ullswater Road, Maryport – were each sentenced to 32 months in prison on Friday, 12 January, after being convicted of carrying out a burglary at Maryport Trading in Senhouse Street.

The burglary was committed on 9 December 2017.

The three men were also made subject of Criminal Behaviour Orders aimed at protecting businesses in Maryport from future offending.

All terms of the order prohibit the three men from entering Maryport Trading in Senhouse Street and from being in each other’s company anywhere in Maryport town centre.

Hewitson was given extra conditions:

  • Not to enter any Co-op premises in Cumbria
  • Not to enter the Wave Centre, Irish Street, Maryport
  • Not to enter the boundaries of any educational premises

The order have been set at an indeterminate length.

Breach of a Criminal Behaviour Order is a criminal offence, with a maximum sentence of up to five years’ imprisonment.

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