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Pay boost for workers at Japanese owned firm based in Cumbria

[W]orkers at a Japanese firm based in Wigton, Cumbria are delighted to have accepted an extra £1000 a year on their annual salary following talks between the unions and management.

Following productive talks, Futamura agreed to a 3.9 per cent pay increase. The increase took effect this month (January). The deal compares favourably to ONS figures reported today showing average total wages were up by just 2.3 per cent.

The Japanese company which manufactures cellulose films completed an acquisition of the Wigton plant in 2016.

Unite regional officer Ryan Armstrong said: “The workers at Futamura are delighted to have accepted an extra £1000 a year.

“Following productive discussions between the union and the company, the workforce at Futamura in Cumbria received a boost in their pay at a time when wages across the region are stagnating.

“It shows that being part of a union pays. It also makes a difference when management have a positive approach to unions and are prepared to recognise the contribution workers make to the success of the business.”

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