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North Cumbria shops fined for selling alcohol to children

[O]fficers in North Cumbria have carried out a test purchase operation that has led to three stores being fined for selling alcohol to children.

The operation was carried out in Brampton, Carlisle and Longtown following concerns raised by residents of youth disorder and underage drinking.

Store assistants who failed to challenge and sold alcohol to a person under the age of 18 were issued with fixed penalty notices at the Spar stores in Brampton and Longtown and the Fourways store on Warwick Road, Carlisle.

Officers will continue to be proactive in responding to concerns of residents and urge stores to always challenge for ID when they suspect a person, under the legal age, is attempting to purchase alcohol.

Sergeant Scott Adams said: “The issue of youth disorder and young people drinking alcohol had been raised to us by concerned residents. We acted upon these concerns and have ran a test purchase operation to test stores on their vigilance in challenging those they suspect may be underage.

“We have issued fixed penalty notices and hope that the stores involved and stores across North Cumbria learn from this. These stores have a duty not to sell alcohol to children.

“During our enquiries and work with young people to reduce antisocial behaviour we have found that there are adults who are purchasing alcohol on behalf of those underage. This will simply not be tolerated and we will be looking to identify any person who is doing this.

“We work very closely with partner agencies, businesses and local residents to tackle antisocial behaviour and we continually do what we can to address the concerns of the communities we serve.”

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