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Sellafield joins Northern Powerhouse

Northern Powerhouse Minister Jake Berry, Copeland MP Trudy Harrison, and Sellafield Ltd head of community and development Jamie Reed celebrate Sellafield Ltd becoming an official partner in the Northern Powerhouse programme.

[S]ellafield Ltd has joined the Government’s Northern Powerhouse programme.

The company was confirmed as an official partner by Northern Powerhouse Minister Jake Berry.

Mr Berry made the announcement at the Cumbria Day event in the House of Commons.

The Northern Powerhouse is designed to drive economic growth in the north via investments in skills, innovation, transport and culture.

Cumbria Day was organised by Cumbria’s MPs and the county’s Local Enterprise Partnership, to showcase Cumbria’s businesses and produce to Parliamentarians.

Jamie Reed, head of community and development for Sellafield Ltd said: “We’re delighted to become official partners of the Northern Powerhouse.

“It’s fantastic to be announcing this on Cumbria Day, as Parliamentarians get to see first-hand the unlimited potential of our fabulous county.

“Sellafield has long been a powerhouse in its own right. We pioneered the civil nuclear industry and we’re now leading the world in nuclear decommissioning.

“Our greatest challenge is ensuring we leave a positive legacy for our community by helping build a diverse and resilient local economy.

“Being a partner in the Northern Powerhouse allows us to work closely with our owners the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Government, local authorities, and other partners to give us a greater chance of success.”

Jake Berry, Northern Powerhouse Minister, said: “I’m really pleased Sellafield Ltd has joined the Northern Powerhouse as an official partner.

“The company plays a huge role already in the north’s economy, employing more than 11,000 people and spending more than £1.1bn a year in the supply chain.

“The Northern Powerhouse is all about ensuring economies like Cumbria are able to achieve their full potential by working together with other towns, cities and rural communities.

“I’m looking forward to learning more about the great work Sellafield Ltd already does in and how its future plans can help drive local and national economic growth.”

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