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Cumbrian bus pass users urged to check their pass is valid

[C]oncessionary bus pass users of the NoWCard service in Cumbria are being advised to check that they are using the correct bus pass; as invalid passes will no longer be accepted from Thursday 1 March.

Cumbria County Council, alongside other councils in the NoWCard area is switching to a new system which electronically cancels invalid bus passes from Thursday 1 February 2018.  The new system is part of the English National Concessionary Travel Scheme in a bid to reduce the number of invalid passes in circulation.

Bus passes will be invalid if:

  • The original pass has been reported either lost or stolen and has been replaced with a new pass (the original pass would be invalid).
  • The original pass has been replaced by a more recent pass, for example the pass holder may have changed to a 24/7 Scheme pass and retained their original pass (the original pass would now be invalid).
  • The address held on the NoWCard system for a pass holder is out of date.
  • Cumbria County Council has written to a pass holder asking for up to date proof of eligibility or to return the pass.

An amnesty period from 1 to 28 February is in place, during which time invalid passes will still be accepted for travel.   During February bus drivers will advise pass holders if their pass has been cancelled, which will enable those people to request a new NoWCard pass before Thursday 1 March.

From Thursday 1 March 2018 any cancelled passes being used will be withdrawn and retained by the bus driver and the pass holder will be asked to pay the normal fare for their journey.

For further information, and to request a new NoWcard please contact the NoWCard Helpline on 0300 123 6737, or Cumbria County Council on 01228 226720.

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