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Dynamic lighting system a first for Cumbria

[N]ew lighting has been installed on a Carlisle footpath following concerns raised about anti-social behaviour in the area – including arson – and damage to the council’s lighting columns.

The lighting on the footpath between Holme Terrace and Shaddongate has been upgraded; converting all the street lights to high intensity LED, and the addition of two brand new street lights.

Working closely with Cumbria Police, the council has also introduced a dynamic lighting system – where the three central street lights switch on automatically when pedestrians are in the vicinity using passive infra-red motion detectors (PIR technology). This lighting can also be remotely operated and monitored to enhance surveillance at this location.

A meeting of the Carlisle Multi-Agency Hub took place in November 2017 between Cumbria County Council, Cumbria Police, and Carlisle City Council’s Green Spaces and Environmental Services teams, where the issues of security and anti-social behaviour were discussed and a range of actions were considered. Following the meeting, it was agreed that an improved lighting system would be beneficial and could be funded using capital investment funds. These were approved by the county council’s Carlisle Local Committee with an approximate cost of £10,000.

The works, completed in December 2017, represent the first time dynamic lighting has been used in Cumbria, and the council will continue to consult with Cumbria Police to monitor the impact of the new lighting system. Since the installation of the improved lighting, Police have reported no arson incidents in this area and received positive comments from local residents. The installation works were undertaken by local contractor, EEC Carlisle Ltd, who provided technical advice and expertise to ensure the improved lighting scheme achieved its goal.

Sergeant Chris Blair, Chair of the Carlisle Multi-Agency Hub, said: “The new lighting system provided by Cumbria County Council has made a huge difference to the footpath. The city council’s Green Spaces team also cleared out the river and cut back the overgrown foliage which has greatly improved the area.

“This is a great example of a multi-agency approach to a long term issue. Residents in the area have been blighted by various issues over the years, including the number of fires which have been set. The county’s Highways team have been instrumental in improving and enhancing the safety of the wider area through this lighting solution.”

Cllr Keith Little, Cumbria County Council Cabinet Member for Highways, said: “It’s great to see local partners coming together and working in true partnership on this – the Police, city and county councils have worked closely with the local contractor and the outcome is a much improved and safer environment for the local community. I’m also delighted that the Police have seen a reduction in anti-social incidents as a result of the new dynamic lighting system.”

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