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Violent Carlisle brothers sent to prison

The scene of the Maughan brothers’ violence close to Carlisle city centre.

[T]WO weapon-wielding brothers have been jailed for violence in Carlisle which flared in front of shocked Christmas shoppers, including children.

A judge at the city’s crown court described the criminal conduct of John Patrick Isaiah Maughan and Thomas Joseph Richard Maughan as “a bit like the Wild West”.

The siblings’ victim, Douglas Smith, was approached while waiting at a mobile restaurant close to Victoria Viaduct around lunchtime on Saturday, 16th December.

Threats were made to burn down the home of Mr Smith by sling shot-carrying John Maughan, 29, and 35-year-old Thomas Maughan, who brandished a pick-axe handle. Mr Smith retreated to his van but windows were damaged and he was hit by flying glass during an incident which was seen by witnesses, including a dad with his young daughter and a baby.

The brothers, previously of Hadrians Way, Houghton, and now of Hurlford, near Kilmarnock, were each jailed for nine months today (TUES) having admitted affray and offensive weapon possession. Thomas Maughan also admitted assaulting Mr Smith and damaging his van, while John Maughan admitted driving while disqualified and was handed a year’s ban.

Judge James Adkin told the brothers: “I am content to infer any pedestrian viewing this misconduct in broad daylight would be absolutely petrified.”

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