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Carlisle woman jailed for £20k benefit fraud

Carlisle Magistrates Court
Carlisle Magistrates Court

[A] Carlisle woman who pleaded guilty to two charges of benefit fraud last month has appeared before District Judge Gerald Chalk to be sentenced.

Ms Amy Leanne Taylor, 33, of Balmoral Court, Etterby, Carlisle admitted that between February 25, 2013 and March 28, 2016 she dishonestly failed to notify Carlisle City Council of a change in her circumstances that she knew would effect her entitlement to housing benefit.

Also on dates between February 20, 2013 and August 22, 2016 she again failed to notify the Department for Works and Pensions in she dishonestly failed to promptly notify a change in her circumstances, which she knew would affect her entitlement to Income Support.

Taylor appeared at Carlisle’s Magistrates’ Court where a pre-sentence report prepared by the Probation Service was read by the judge.

Her lawyer Michael Woolaghan told the judge she has started to pay back money to the authorities, she has had issues with her life-style and health problems, this was a genuine claim at the outset, but she did not advise of a change in her circumstances to the Council and DWP.

The judge told Taylor this was dishonesty and the Public-purse lost £21,020 and a custodial sentence was the only option in this case.

Taylor received a sentence of 110-days in prison, with half to be served in the community, she will be under supervision by the Probation Service on her release for one-year and has to pay a victims surcharge of £115.

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