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New physiotherapy clinic opens at Orton Grange

Absolute physiotherapists Jemma Donald and Anna Thompson

[A]bsolute physio which was set up just 7 years ago by Cumbrian chartered physiotherapist Jemma Donald has just launched a brand new weekly clinic at Orton Grange, 4 miles west of Carlisle. The new clinic will run every Wednesday complimenting Absolute’s main treatment centre at Catterlen near Penrith. Absolute’s new clinic at Orton Grange will offer treatment of both musculoskeletal and orthopaedic problems along with the expert treatment of sports injuries.

Orton Grange Farm is now home to a thriving rural business community. The new physiotherapy clinic will join Cranstons Orton Grange Food Hall, Orton Grange Café and Gifts, The Beauty Room, The Shearing Shed hair salon and Carlisle Swim School at Orton Grange Farm’s barn complex. The farm is still a working dairy farm run by Richard Martin. Richard said ‘’We are delighted that Absolute Physio has chosen to open a new clinic here at Orton Grange expanding the range of services our popular rural location offers. I know Jemma and Absolute’s wider team have built a strong reputation for accurate diagnosis and successful treatment so they will be a real asset to Orton Grange.’’

Jemma, Absolute’s Physio’s owner has 14 years’ experience as a chartered physiotherapist having trained at Birmingham University and spent several years working at the Royal Preston Hospital before returning to Cumbria in 2009 to set up her own private practice. At first Jemma ran Absolute physio from a converted room in her house whilst continuing to work part time in the NHS, in 2014 she and husband Craig built a two room physiotherapy centre in their garden near Penrith and since then the practice has gone from strength to strength. In 2017 Jemma and Absolutes other main physio Anna Thompson both left their jobs in the NHS to focus on Absolute full time and expand the practice further. 4 other specialists work part time for the growing business; Paul Hetherington, Helen Jackson, Helen Wilson and Andrew Speight.

Jemma explained why she chose to start a private practice: “I wanted to create an environment where I could give clients the best possible outcomes, at Absolute our appointment times are 45minutes which allows us more time for both diagnosis, treatment and most importantly education on prevention of re-injury, empowering our clients to manage their conditions effectively.

“I also wanted to cater for people who find it hard to access physio. I am a busy working mum so I know how hectic life can get, our main treatment centre offers lots of evening appointments and as the business grows at Orton Grange we hope to be able to offer appointments outside of the standard working day.”

Absolute offers manual and exercise based therapies including joint mobilisation and manipulation, minimal energy techniques, Pilates massage and acupuncture. They also have specialist services including a women’s health clinic, running clinic, orthotic provision and injection therapy.

Jemma said: “Anna and I both love treating people, when someone walks out having been listened to, properly assessed, treated and given an exercise plan to effectively treat their discomfort there is no better feeling.”

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