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Barrow man given two year Criminal Behaviour Order

Craig Shepherd

[O]fficers in South Cumbria have taken action to stop a Barrow man’s serial antisocial and criminal behaviour.

A two year Criminal Behaviour Order was secured on Wednesday 21st February, at Furness Magistrates Court against Craig Shepherd, 32, of Egerton Court, Barrow. Craig pleaded guilty to two counts of being drunk and disorderly.

His Criminal Behaviour Order stops Craig from being drunk or consuming alcohol in a public place, and causing alarm, harassment or distress by actions or words to any residents of any neighbouring properties wherever he is living.

Inspector James Bailey said: “I am pleased with the outcome of this case, it has involved hard work from officers and it shows that antisocial and criminal behaviour will not be tolerated.

“I hope that the two years will allow Craig to reflect on and change his behaviour, it is not acceptable to cause other people distress, I therefore also hope that this result will go towards giving local residents well deserved piece-of-mind.”

Anyone who witnesses Craig Shepherd breaching the terms of his CBO should contact the police.

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