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Carlisle man threatened to kill hostel worker

Carlisle Magistrates Court
Carlisle Magistrates Court

[A] man who was evicted from the John Street, Hostel, in Caldewgate, on Sunday night February 25 has appeared in court after making ‘threats to kill’ a member of staff.

Paul Nigel Dickinson, 48, appeared from police custody at Carlisle Magistrates Court to appear before District Judge Gerald Chalk.

Prosecutor John Moran told the court how Dickinson was living at the hostel and had an argument with another resident, he then became “irate” towards a member of staff, using abusive language towards him, he was then evicted from the hostel, but once outside he threatened to “kill the staff member and made hand gestures of a gun and gun sounds”.

Dickinson then attempted to gain entry, police officers attended and he was arrested.

Rachel Dixon defending, said her client had been to a public house nearby drinking alcohol when he is on medication, that’s not a good thing. He had become angry and frustrated and has mental health issues, but he would like to apologise he regrets what he did, “but he had no-intention of carrying out any threats made”.

This was an impulsive act, said his lawyer and he wants to get out of this cycle of offending and going to prison, he was only released from prison on February 9, he would like help from the Probation Service.

Dickinson pleaded guilty to using threatening behaviour / abusive and using insulating words or behaviour.

The judge imposed a prison sentence of 60-days, saying this was a serious assault on a person doing his job, he has to pay a victims surcharge of £115 on his release from prison.

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